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Can you carry a tune and love singing POP music?

Are you tired of the same old traditional approach to Choir singing and dull repertoires?


Do you long to build a meaningful connection with likeminded people while singing your hearts out?


Or are you looking for fun and creative ways to strengthen and deepen the bonds in your Team at work? 


Look no further!

Friends sings
Piano Keyboard


Welcome to K's Music Hub - the home of rich and diverse musical initiatives, each resonating with creativity, passion and the joy of song.

Here, we believe that Music has the power to unite, heal and inspire.

Founded and led by K, a seasoned music professional and a force of nature in her own right, our Hub is a vibrant space where talent flourishes, friendships are forged, and every note tells a unique story of an emotional journey.


K’s Music Hub is bringing two new vibrant choirs to the Stockholm cultural landscape, each with its own character and spirit, yet both unified under the ethos of K's Music Hub:


  • The Melting Pot CollectiveA chorus of diverse voices, harmonizing the rich tapestry of Stockholm's multicultural community and uniting brave dreamers from all over the world with open-hearted, welcoming locals

  • Hor Bratstva i Detinjstva - Echoing the pop and rock melodies of a long gone country, Yugoslavia, this Choir is a celebration of its heritage, the good life that was shared between all its nationalities and its special musical storytelling that many generations grew up with

Both our Choirs work with Original Vocal Arrangements, brought to you by K herself! 

Meet K

the driving force behind K's Music Hub

K aka Kristina Kovac, is a true musical powerhouse, overflowing with boundless enthusiasm, energy, and an unbridled passion for Music!

With a remarkable career as a songwriter, producer, ex-performer and an X Factor Adria judge and mentor, K's story is one of expertise and dedication. Her musical journey took her as far as collaborations with worldwide renowned musicians like Vinnie Colaiuta and Dominic Miller, known for their remarkable work with Sting, and her musical path has spanned through several decades, taking her from Belgrade to Madrid, London and finally Stockholm. 


K is not just an artist; she's a guiding light for those who seek to immerse themselves in the magic of music. Join her on a musical adventure that's as vibrant and dynamic as her rich music experience!

Rooftop Party

One night only Choir events

K's Music Hub extends its musical prowess beyond the two unique Choirs, offering an enchanting and inclusive experience known as “One night only Choir”'! These events are a delightful fusion of music and social connection, transforming ordinary venues, cafes and clubs into vibrant singing spaces where everyone, regardless of their singing experience, is welcomed with open arms. Find out more!

Our Sing and Bond! - After Work Team Bonding

Strengthen Your Team's Bond Through Song!


For Your Team:


Listen & Bond:

Choir singing boosts active listening, essential for teamwork.


Team Harmony:

Forge stronger bonds and work seamlessly together.

Choir Kör Stockholm Pop Rock Mainstream Körsång



Say goodbye to work stress in our musical haven.


Memory Makers:

Create epic memories your team will cherish!

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