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Choir Kör Stockholm Pop Rock Soul Mainstream Körsång
Gospel Group

In the heart of Stockholm...

...amidst its vibrant streets and tranquil waterways, there exists a Choir of diverse voices, each carrying a story, a dream, a melody. We are The Melting Pot Collective – not just a Choir, but a tapestry of cultures, a movement, a community. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦


           We build bridges, not walls.                                                                                                                                                                                        We connect, not divide.  ​


 For Immigrants and Expats
- the brave dreamers:

The Melting Pot Collective will be your musical home away from home!

Rediscover the warmth of belonging and the joy of sharing your heart and soul through song.


You're not a newcomer here; you're a cherished note in the ever-evolving melody we make together.​

For welcoming and
open-hearted locals,
Stockholmers, Swedes:

Embrace the beauty of Stockholm's multicultural soul! The Melting Pot Collective invites you to stand shoulder to shoulder with new friends from distant lands, learning their stories and sharing your own through the power of song!



Together, we weave the rich fabric of Stockholm as the most welcoming city in the world!

Image by Janay Peters
Image by Tim Mossholder

Our rehearsals are joyful gatherings of friendship, laughter, and shared musical experiences. 


Under K’s expert, passionate guidance and her energetic vocal arrangements, our singing will rise to new heights! 


So, let our united voices be heard loud and clear in a world riddled with conflict! Together, let's create a human harmony that resonates not just within the walls of our rehearsal space, but out into the World!


We invite you – 

yes, you, new to this city, seeking a sense of belonging!

you, who´ve been here for some time but still don't feel completely at home!

and yes, you, our welcoming and open-hearted hosts, Stockholmers and Swedes, who long to embrace new friends from around the world and help them feel at home!


In unity, we find benevolence. In diversity, we find beauty. In music, we find home.


Join The Melting Pot Collective – the Choir where you feel at home.



Repertoire: mainstream music of all time, from the Golden oldies to Contemporary Pop, Rock, Soul hits

Rehearsals: Tuesdays, 6:00pm - 7:25pm,
Lamberts Hörna, Dieselverkstaden, Sickla

Spring Term: 12 rehearsals + Final performance, start March 19th

Price: 1650 sek

Audition: March 12th, from 6pm
Lamberts Hörna
, Dieselverkstaden, Sickla

If you would like to come to the group audition, please register.

If you do not get an email from us in the next 24 hours from registering, please look into your Spam folder.

NOTE: the Audition emails have now been sent out to all registered; if you did not get yours, please check your Spam folder!

Registration of interest


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