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Photo by: James Djordjevic

Welcome to K's Music Hub, where music and passion are an inseparable love couple! 


Our story begins with K - Kristina Kovac, a musical powerhouse with decades of experience as a songwriter, producer, musician, and X Factor Adria judge and mentor. 

Kristina's musical journey started in the old country, Yugoslavia, where she was born into a long line of musicians. Her family's musical legacy includes her grandfather, a multi-instrumentalist and conductor, and her father, one of the biggest hitmakers and songwriters in Yugoslavia. Her mother, a brilliant lyricist, touched the hearts of thousands with her lyrics.


At the age of 7, little K began playing the piano and attending music school. By the age of 12, she had already arranged her first piece of music, and at 13, she was writing her own songs.




Kristina's journey is adorned with such achievements as:


  • Singing as a Backing vocalist at her first  Eurosong at the tender age of 16.

  • Playing two successful UK tours at the ages of 16 and 19.

  • Releasing two chart-topping albums with her sister Alexandra as the pop/r&b duo K2 in Serbia, co-written and produced by K.

  • Influencing girls and young women of Serbia during the 90´s, as a true testament to the phrase "Girl Power," with K2's music remaining a crucial part of their upbringing to this day.

  • Quitting performing and persuing her songwriting and production, creating music for an array of Balkan artists, advertising campaigns, theater plays, TV series, and films.

  • Writing and producing her solo album in 2007, featuring performances by renowned musicians Vinnie Colaiuta, Dominic Miller, and Paul Turner, receiving critical acclaim and fantastic reactions from audiences.

  • Writing and producing the Serbian 2011. Eurosong entry  "Caroban," performed by the talented young artist Nina

  • Becoming a Judge and Mentor in the first season of X Factor Adria, captivating TV audiences and the media with her honest and passionate approach

  • Authoring a bestselling love novel titled "Drvo zivota."

If you were to ask K herself about her most significant accomplishment, she would say this: 


"While raising my daughter Tara, I embarked on a journey to relocate my family to a more stable environment. In 2012, I set my sights on Sweden as our new home. It took years of research, dreaming and overcoming obstacles, including studying Hungarian for two years to obtain an EU passport based on my Hungarian ancestry, passing the test, and securing EU citizenship. Two months later, EU passport in hand, I arrived in Stockholm with little more than a bag full of dreams and an incredible will to build a new life for my family here. And I managed - by February 2020., my daughter, my man and our dog were together again - in Stockholm, Sweden. That is my biggest accomplishment. So far. :)" 

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