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"One night only Choir" Events

A song - one evening - one imaginative and exciting vocal arrangement - One choir!


A heart full of melodies and a head

                       full of memories!


At K's Music Hub, our musical journey extends beyond our two unique choirs, opening the doors to an enchanting and healing experience known as the "One night only Choir!”! 


These gatherings are a delightful fusion of music and social connection, where we transform ordinary venues, cafes, and clubs into vibrant singing spaces!


A Unique Musical Experience


Imagine stepping into a cozy cafe or a bustling club and being greeted by the harmonious buzz of voices. You’ve arrived at our “One night only Choir” event! 

    Our skilled instructors will guide you through vocal      warm-ups, assist you in selecting your vocal parts,        and make the learning process enjoyable and fun

        But the real magic happens when it all comes            together in a breathtaking final performance that          will give you an electrifying rush of musical                accomplishment and leave you coming back for          more!


Who you are: 

We embrace the seasoned singers as well as the bathroom balladeers, the young and the young-at-heart; as long as you can carry a tune you are welcomed with open arms! Become part of an exciting Choir, if only for one magical night!


Connecting Through Music:

Our "One night only Choir" events are all about connection through song. It's a chance to meet fellow music enthusiasts, share stories, and let the joy out together! Whether you come alone or with people, you'll leave with new friends!


Stay Tuned:

Curious about our upcoming “One night only Choir" events? Keep an eye on this page for future Events schedule, coming soon!

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